GREEN Eemplein


GREEN Real Estate B.V. was created in 2005 through the collaboration of entrepreneur Jan Zeeman and Aart Jan Verdoold. We are aimed at developing, purchasing, and managing real estate.

Together with the international chain store Zeeman textielSupers and the investment firm Navitas Capital, GREEN is part of the Verenigde Ondernemingen Zeeman (V.o.Zee). The name GREEN was conceived by Jan Zeeman and Aart Jan Verdoold together. Interestingly, the yellow and blue of Zeeman textielSupers B.V. becomes green when mixed together. The V.o.Zee foundation aims at securing the future of the Zeeman family assets and the family's companies.

GREEN has a clear way of working. We do not want to make a quick profit at the expense of others. We are a company that values the continuity of our business relationships greatly. Our business partners value us for a number of reasons: a goal-oriented approach, for always thinking in terms of solutions, and for keeping the interests of everyone involved in mind at all times. GREEN wants to do business with reputable partners with a mentality that is familiar to us. Success begins with trust.