GREEN De Baronie

Welcome to GREEN

GREEN Real Estate B.V. is a family company aimed at developing, purchasing, and managing real estate. We work goal-oriented, think in terms of solutions and keep the interests in mind of everyone involved. We look into the situations of the developer, the builder, the renter, and the investor. We understand their roles, which brings us to new propositions and different solutions. Increasingly this has made GREEN the director of the entire life cycle of real estate projects.

GREEN is here for the long term. We do not want to make a quick profit at the expense of others. This philosophy may sometimes inhibit a company's financial growth, but it will also keep it from declining too much in times when business relationships become truly important. Therefore, we value the continuity of our relationships greatly. GREEN wants to do business with reputable partners with a mentality that is familiar to us. We want to create strong ties with our partners, in which mutual trust leads to optimal results. Success begins with trust.

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Working successfully in
tomorrow's world is
only possible with each other
and for each other.
Aart Jan Verdoold, managing director of GREEN