If there's work to be done somewhere, it's in retail property. No market has changed as much as retail. This is a result of e-commerce, but certainly also because of demographic and technological changes. For everyday shopping, people no longer go downtown. They opt for online or for a neighbourhood shopping centre instead. Alternatively, a neighbourhood shopping centre plays no role when it comes to a day of fun shopping. After all, this is considered to be an event, an experience with optimal service. In the end, online shopping makes people want to meet each other more. Particularly in places that connect people, where they can socialise and enjoy themselves.

GREEN Real Estate also sees growth prospects in retail property. With our investments, we ensure that each shopping area meets the needs of that specific catchment area. Together with experienced partners, we invest in places that actually offer an experience with a unique and strong concept when it comes to the combination of retail formats in the area. Shopping areas and centres that are multimodal accessible, with plenty of parking space and where catering and food are optimally integrated. So that visiting becomes an attractive experience, as it is a pleasant meeting place. A good example is het Eemplein in Amersfoort.

Eemplein Amersfoort

In the city centre of Amersfoort, between the Amsterdamseweg and the river Eem, the shopping centre Eemplein is located. A beautiful development of GREEN Real Estate dated from 2012, consisting of shops, restaurants and a cultural centre with a variety of activities and facilities related to culture and knowledge. The easily accessible shopping centre has an underground car park with 625 parking spaces. It offers a mix of large retail chains with unique offerings from new and local entrepreneurs. An always lively area thanks to the presence of the Pathé cinema.

In recent years, the area surrounding Eemplein has undergone an enormous improvement in quality thanks to the development of Utrecht University of Applied Sciences, the addition of higher segment housing, catering establishments and the development of the area around the railway station.