There is more to work than just having a job. In economic terms, it is the largest source of income and, therefore, one of the most significant tools to fight poverty and reduce social inequality. Yet, in addition to structure, rhythm and social contacts, it generates self-confidence and a feeling of belonging and contributing to something. Having a job is above all about well-being. We consider investment in offices and business spaces primarily as means of creating healthy, easily accessible and comfortable environments.

That is the reason why GREEN Real Estate focuses on workplaces that are easily accessible and aimed at bringing people together so that they can work together optimally. Places that have value, not only in terms of investments but especially in terms of what they mean to individuals. The LEVEL project in Leiden is a good example.


In Leiden, between Leiden Central Station and the LUMC (Leiden University Medical Centre), LEVEL is situated. A dedicated hub of people for whom LEVEL is a work or visit destination. It is a place for health care, just for a luxurious and comfortable stay in the hotel or for a tasty lunch or dinner in the restaurant.

A mix of functions spread over 12 floors in the heart of the city. Among which are four office floors for the Leiden city council, including public counters. Leiden University, Luzac College, Element Offices occupy further floors, as well as a care hotel for people who need short or long term care due to illness or old age. The top floors are reserved for a restaurant, located just above the Fletcher hotel with 117 hotel rooms and its own wellness. A place for people to meet, work, relax or get the care they need. And all this within walking distance of the Bioscience park.